Products for Semifreddo & Mousse

Flavored Powders

9236540 - V02 - MOUSSECREAM

A versatile and easy to use powder that gives structure and support to mousse, semifreddo, panna cotta, bavaroise and all types of desserts to be served at room temperature. Ideal as a stabilizer for whipped cream.
12 bags 1kg

9236045 - Pamatis Powder

Concentrated powdered Mascarpone for flavoring gelato, semi freddo, pastries, confections, mousse, cheesecakes and creams.
12 bags 1kg

9962400 - Lemon L Powder

Powdered base rich in dehydrated lemon juice that contain stabilizers for perfect sorbets every time! Just Add water and sugar. Ideal for flavoring mousses, pastries and frozen yogurts.
6 bags 1kg

9236046 - NY Cheesecake Powder

New York's famous delicious dessert now turned into a sensational gelato! Add 40g per liter of gelato or ice cream base. Swirl in Amarena Marbling, Mou Marbling, Strawberry Marbling or any of the glaze flavors. Also excellent flavoring for pastries, mousse, semi freddo, cake, muffins or frosting.
6 bags 1kg

9236054 - Yog 30 Powder

A powdered flavoring with a delicate yogurt taste ideal for gelato, semi freddo, pastry and baked items. Use 30g per 1kg of gelato or ice cream mix. Excellent for frozen yogurt recipes in the soft serve machine.
6 bags 1kg