Classic Deli Pastes

Classic Delipastes

9225436-60N - Amaretto

Sweet almond flavor of the popular liqueur
8/1.3kg tins

9225430-60M - Biscotti

Flavor of the traditional Italian anise and honey cookies
8/1.5kg tins

9225497-61B - Caramel

8/1.5kg tins

9225437-60Q - Coffee (Moka)

8/1.45kg tins

9226509-Q37 - Cassata Siciliana

Traditional Italian semi candied diced fruits
3/3kg tubs

9225495-60Z - Crostata

The flavor of freshly baked sweet tart shell
8/1.5kg tins

9225488-56H - Gingerbread

Spicy and flavorful, like the famous cookie

9225482-60W - Green Mint

8/1.5kg tins

9225485-60X - Nata

Classic rich flavor of sweetened cream
8/1.5kg tins

9225400-60B - Panna Cotta

Sweet flavor of caramelized cooked milk
8/1.5kg tins

9994223-27M - Rum Raisin (Malaga Marsala)

8/1.5kg tins

9225417-60G - Tiramisu

Rich flavor of cocoa and roasted coffee
8/1.25kg tins

9952262-61F - White Mint

8/1.5kg tins

9225413-27L - Zuppa Inglese

Flavor of traditional English Trifle
8/1.25kg tins

9225456-60T - Zabaione Marsala

8/1.5kg tins


9225540-66B - Chocolate Paste

Unsweetened dark paste
3/4.1kg tubs

9226706-68C - Chocolate Paste

Unsweetened dark paste
3/1kg tins

9225503-61R - Chocolate Hazelnut (Gianduia Torino smooth)

3/4.3kg tubs

9225504-61S - Chocolate Hazelnut (Gianduia with hazelnut pieces)

3/4kg tubs


9225428-27C - Vanilla Super

The rich creamy taste of European vanilla
8/1.5kg tins

9225426-27J - Vanilla Bourbon

The taste of Madagascar vanilla
8/1.5kg tins

9972254-61H - French Vanilla

Vanilla with a rich deeper note made famous by French chefs
8/1.5kg tins

9953260-78S - Superpastogel Vaniglia

Threads of vanilla bean give this vanilla the look of specs
3/4.7kg tubs

9225806-65B - Blue Vanilla (Azzurrokrem)

Blue vanilla flavor popular with children
8/1.5kg tins